Tuesday 15 May 2018

Hi all sorry I've not been on line since 2015 I'm hoping to get back into this and keep posting new posts about the Channel Islands ringing scheme and my own sites as many of you are aware  in 2016 
Alderney the third largest of the Channel Islands created the new Alderney bird observatory this year it was finally given its full accreditation as the 21st bird observatory within the British Isles since opening the observatory has managed to many thousands of birds and shown that Alderney is one of the major migration routes from bird migration not only into the UK but  Northern  Europe this makes Alderney
one of the most important migration route within the Channel Island.

With my own ringing in Guernsey over the last couple of years Spring migration has been this affair and this year has been no exception with a very late spring migration  a visit to the claire mare reed beds last night i only managed to hear one male reed warbler singing usually by this time there are several males singing within the reed bed yet there are still quite a good number of Sand Martins going through  as we usually record our last ones going through by the end of April On the last spring tide in April beginning of May I took a trip across to lihou island to check on the cormorants that nest on Lihoumel this year out of the 22 nests there is only three which hatching's the rest was still  sitting on eggs at the same time last year I was struggling to keep the young cormorants from scrambling over the rocks  I estimate that they are about 10 to 14 days later than what they were last year this is another indication of a very late spring

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